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Privacy Policy

1. Privacy & Personal Data

At Yuhoki, your privacy is our top priority. Please continue reading to learn about our personally identifiable data collection practices and uses.

1.1 This policy applies to the information gathered by us and provided by you, in our restaurant, over our website or on call.

1.2 It is intended to inform you, the user, on how we collect and use the data so that you can make an informed decision whether or not to use our site and services.

1.3 All your personally identifiable data is held & used in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

2. Information We Collect on Our Website

2.1 To create an account and register with us, you will be asked to provide relevant and accurate personally identifiable data. This includes information like your name, email address, postal address, mobile number, DOB, credit or debit card number for payment purpose, PayPal account information & details about other family members who might want to use our services.

2.2 We may also collect your personal information through other means like when you:

  1. Correspond with us via email.
  2. Book a table
  3. Order a takeaway online
  4. Apply for a job at Yuhoki
  5. Subscribe for our updates

3. Cookies

3.1 Our website uses cookies & web server logs. These are used to collect information on how users generally use our website.

3.2 Cookies are small text files that are used to identify your PC to our server. Unless you are logged in, the cookies do not identify you, just the IP you are using.

3.3 Users of our website have the opportunity to accept or reject cookies. This means you can disable this feature on your browser any time you want. However, if you disable the cookies you may be unable to visit certain pages on our website.

3.4 Information collected through cookies & web server logs includes pages viewed, websites visited, date and time of site visit and time spent on our website. This information is used for promotional campaigns, tracking user preferences and traffic patterns. It allows us to calculate and evaluate the aggregate number of visitors and popular website pages.

3.5 Please note– cookies do not allow us to collect your personal information. Session cookies allow us to only compile statistics that helps us improve our website usability and functionality to deliver a better user experience to site users.

3.6 Once you accept the cookies, the frequent ones are stored in your browser. This helps us with user identification based on which we tailor our site to offer you relevant content that match your interests.

3.7 Please note we have no control over the cookies used by our 3rd party advertisers.

4. Phishing

4.1 Phishing is an attempt to steal personal and financial information from a site user through spoof and scam emails. Users are tricked to enter confidential information like their credit card numbers, usernames and passwords. If you receive such phishing emails by anyone claiming to be associated with Yuhoki, report the incident to us immediately, preferably in writing, on the following address [ ].

5. How Do We Use The Information Provided by You to Us?

5.1 Here’s how we, at Yuhoki, use your personal information:

  1. Ensure that the content on our site is presented in a better way.
  2. Allow you to register with Yuhoki and create an account to order products on our site.
  3. Send you notifications about service changes
  4. Keep you abreast about our special offers
  5. Answer queries
  6. Process orders
  7. Deliver an excellent user experience

5.2. We may share your information with 3rd party organizations if legally obliged and in order to protect the property and rights of our customers such as exchanging information with companies for credit risk management and fraud protection.

5.3 You agree and confirm that you will not object or consider any of your rights being breached under the ‘Privacy and Electronic Communications’ (EC Directive) Regulations 2003, if we contact you for any of the purpose via call, email, SMS or writing.

5.4 If you prefer to engage in 3rd party payment processors for online order payment processing, then those 3rd Party Processors have the right to store your payment card details to speed up the process and transaction time.

6. Update Your Personal Information

6.1 If you wish to edit or update your personal details with Yuhoki, write to us at 115 Meridian Place Marsh Wall London, E14 9FE].

7. Your Agreement and Consent

7.1 Continued use of our website and service confirms your acceptance and consent to our data collection process and practices as described in our privacy policy.

8. Policy Updates

8.1 Our privacy policy is subject to change and updates. It is advised to view and read our policy regularly to ensure you are aware of any recent changes.

8.2 If we make any changes to our privacy policy or procedures, we will post the updates on our homepage or notify you otherwise.

9. Security

9.1 We strive to maintain the highest security standards. However, the use of internet is not completely secure. This means we cannot guarantee you that your information is completely secure over the internet. Any information you provide us is given at your own risk.

9.2 To ensure your account is safe from hackers make sure your password is at least 8 characters long, includes upper case and lower case characters, numbers and special characters.

9.3 Passwords should not include your first name or surname, numbers in sequence and your birth date.

9.4 Do not share your password with anyone even if that person claims to be from Yuhoki.

9.5 In case you forget your password, just enter your email address on our ‘Forgotten your password’ page and we will send your password information with instructions.